Monday 30 April 2012


Live Review

Glee Club, Birmingham (April 29, 2012)

Sisters Emily, Camilla and Jessica, collectively known as The Staves are maturing wonderfully with their popularity growing and their stage confidence visibly increasing.

At the Glee Club in Birmingham, which they filled quite easily moving up from the Studio last year, they kicked off their concert with Icarus which right from the off showed the wonderful way in which their voices blend with silky harmonies, each complementing the other.
The Staves at the Glee Club, Birmingham
Without wanting to make too much of this comparison but the last sibling sensation we had were The Corrs and it's safe to say that when it comes to mastery of their instruments they are a match for the Irish group.
However, when it comes to their singing and range of harmonies and the mixing of vocal playfulness they have already surpassed them.
Their creamy and effortless renderings filled the entire room with a luxurious sound which has the ability to touch the soul. With songs Time Will Tell and Facing West you could really hear Camilla come into her own adding a depth to her two sisters and then all of them giving a sweet rendition of Pay Us No Mind from their recent EP The Motherlode.
Perhaps the best example which showcased the incredible sound they create was Wise and Slow which was sung mostly a capella but just produced a wonderful sound that was bordering on angelic.They then moved into the more upbeat Winter Trees and treated the audience to Tongue Behind My Teeth from their Mexico EP.
The audience would have happily stayed there twice as long if the girls had enough material. However, they are, as far as I am aware, working on producing a full album which will be eagerly received by their growing army of fans. Until then you have to make do with the latest EP The Motherlode.
Support act Christof

They were brought back for two encores but unfortunately for now they had run out of material so they need to get writing.
The Staves were supported by a very talented singer simply called Christof who is Dutch but has managed to pick up an Irish twang from playing for some time in Galway, Eire.
He has a strong, melodic voice which also seems to have an edge which will keep him in good stead for the future. His first song Cuckoo allowed the first glimpse of his solid tones. He is one to watch for the future.
Pictures courtesy of Bianca Barrett, Editor in Chief of Gig Junkies

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