Sunday 6 May 2012


CD Review

All The Way Home

There is no mistaking Cathy Jordan's sweet Irish brogue which is both deep and childlike with a wonderful lilt.

Jordan has this quality which is both modern in the vein of Enya or Eleanor McAvoy and yet has this retro feel to it which harks back to the many "biddies" who sang the traditional songs which have now almost become cliches.
She has an ethereal quality to her singing which comes out in the opening track of her latest album All The Way Home. With The Bold Fenian Men, which comes from the rebel song era of Ireland's history, Jordan has that underlying melancholy which all good Irish singers have, distinctive because it conversely lifts you rather than brings you down.
With Eileen McMahon and Ould Ballymore she shows perfect examples of the retro feel she brings to this album which harks back to the early days where unknown local singers were recorded singing regional versions of traditional songs.
This is definitely an album for Irish music lovers in particular and folk music lovers in general.

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