Monday, 2 April 2012


CD Review

To Win Just Once, The Best of The Saw Doctors (2009) 

In one sense the boys from the west of Ireland are too late as in these days of downloads and iplayers of every kind, their fans have already created their own album of their best songs. 

However, that won’t stop the Docs’ worldwide and incredibly loyal fan base from lapping up this album. Quite apart from enjoying every track fans will enjoy arguing over which tracks were and which ones should have been included. Even the band themselves handed over the responsibility to impressario Dave Robinson. 
There are tracks which won’t cause any argument such as the one Dave Carton and Leo Moran have turned into the Doc’s signature tune N17, for those not in the know - N17 is the Tuam road in to and out of Galway. 
There is the Green and Red of Mayo, the Irish record-breaking track I Useta Love Her, Clare Island, Joyce Country Ceili Band, Sing A Powerful Song, Same Oul Town, Red Cortina, Hay Wrap and Never Mind the Strangers all of which deserve a place on this CD. 
But let’s face it, with every Docs’ song having the kind of lyrics which are so observant of life and so wonderfully singalongable then every fan will be able to pick one and belt it out along with the CD – we can only hope it doesn’t take another 20 years to produce the greatest hits album. 
To Win Just Once is on the Sham Town label and The Saw Doctors. See for more information.

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