Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Live Review

I was in York a couple of years ago and naturally was digging out the local music.

I came across this really unusual duo who call themselves The Hut People which is the pairing of Samuel Pirt and Gary Hammond. Both musicians have a great pedigree playing with names such as The Dubliners, The Beautiful South and that other maestro of the accordion Sharon Shannon.
Unfortunately The Huts are confined mainly to the north of England, it would be good to see them coming down to the Midlands. If you find yourself up Yorkshire/Sheffield way I strongly recommend you seek them out, they are a real treat to watch and wonderful musicians.
Sam, from Goole in Yorkshire, is the only accordion player I have ever seen who tap dances sitting down while squeezing the best out of his instrument, his enthusiasm and his willingness to hold nothing back is a wonderful sight to see, especially when his heavily shod feet are in full flight.
If you want to see someone enjoying what they do then Sam is the man, he rarely stops smiling while playing and sweating profusely with all his exertions.
Likewise to call Gary a mere percussionist is to do him a disservice this musician will literally play anything he he can beat a sound out of and he does it expertly and with sounds you have probably never heard before. His range of instruments seems almost endless and of course on their travels he picks up more and more wonderful and bizarre instruments to play.
Hut's music can take you on a musical journey across the world and is drawn from an eclectic influence of European, English and Latin sounds.
To find out more visit and of course you can find them on facebook and youtube.

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