Monday 2 April 2012


Live Review

My Best Friend Is You (2010)

The unique voice of Kate Nash is back with her second album My Best Friend Is You, which has a very 1960s, feel about it and shows her maturity and versatility are coming to the fore.

Some of the songs on the 13 track album are not for the faint hearted with Nash especially pulling no punches in her explicit and expletive rant Mansion song which lifts the lid on an exploitative industry.
You can hear Nash experimenting with light-hearted sounds such as on Later On and mixing music styles which, remarkably, her singing style that has a neutrality is able to taking on the hue of the track. 
From the punk-like Take Me To A Higher Plane to the old style rock ‘n’ roll of Kiss That Grrrl Nash’s voice stamps her unmistakeable style on each track.
The album includes the hit single Do-Wah-Doo which more than any track has got that beehive feel about it. One of the best tracks on the album is Early Christmas Present with its catchy rhythm and clever lyrics which are more than reminiscent of the late great Kirsty McColl.
My Best Friend Is You is on the Industry Green label.

Two Time Polka

All Roots

When you get an Irish band from Cork, which sings in American and French and plays Cajun you know you have encountered something different.

Folk band Two Time Polka which recently played at the Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton are carving themselves a niche in playing a smattering of world music while focussing mainly on their version of the Cajun sound.
This is the sort of venture that could go seriously wrong unless you have the calibre of musicians to pull it off, fortunately TTP have.
All Roots shows off superbly the range and skills of musicians Tomas Dunne, Geraldine Barron, James O’Sullivan, Leon Barron, Dave Jones and the incredibly talented Ray Barron.
This is one of those albums which defy you not to start tapping your feet. All the tracks have that strong rhythm which seems to get under your skin. One of the best tracks on the album is Get Up John which, if you want to see some expert mandolin playing, then Ray Barron is best seen on youtube because his skill with the instrument has to be seen to be believed.
This album is a wonderfully eclectic collection of American-sound folk music from the depression-like Hiram Hubbard to the more honky tonk sound of Too Hip, Gotta Go.
Geraldine Barron’s skill with an accordian is excellently showcased on the Cajun sound of the opening track Bosco Stomp, however, and at the risk of sound clich├ęd, TTP is one of the those bands that is best appreciated through a live performance.
To buy the album go to and for more information about the band go to or email

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