Thursday 6 December 2012


Live Review

Town Hall,Birmingham

Acclaimed Wolverhampton musician Scott Matthews played a gig of two halves at Town Hall, Birmingham the first of which was the singer on his own doing acoustic numbers.

This was the second gig in the Midlands in less than 12 months as Scott played earlier this year on his home turf at the Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolves.
Scott came on to the stage alone, opening up with solo ballads of Elsewhere and Myself Again from his What The Night Delivers album.
This set the tone for the night and while Scott is undoubtedly skillful he really needs to widen his repertoire of sounds and certainly mix them up when it comes to concerts and introduce some upbeat tunes. Many of his songs are indistinguishable from each other and his often slurring style of singing can make it difficult, no doubt with the exception of his most attentive of fans, to understand the lyrics. His on stage presence also lacks any real charisma and tends to be a little flat unfortunately.
This said his obvious talent as a musician is unquestionable and he threw out a challenge to his appreciative audience to come up with a name for a song which as of yet is untitled but was a ballad which had more than a John Williams feel about it.
For the second half of the concert he was joined on stage by his band for the fuller sounding The Fool’s Fooling Himself which had a distinct middle Eastern undertone complimented by Scott's high strung and almost ethereal voice.
With the band now in full swing Scott moved into Obsession Never Sleeps which had a sound reminiscent of Chris Isaak.
Throughout the concert Scott moved easily between electric and acoustic guitar and more than once displayed his impressive harmonica skills .
Walking Home in the Rain was another one of his ballads highlighted by an unusual cello sound. He threw in Suddenly You Figure Out, Up On The Hill, Bad Apple and Walking Home In The Rain much to the appreciation of his fans
Again from What The Night.. The Man Who Had Everything, from his third album, has something of a song which you should listen to while travelling long distances.
Towards the end of his set he eventually started picking up the tempo and to which he added his blues harmonica to give a great 12-bar finish.

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