Tuesday 11 December 2012


Live review

Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton

Even after 25 years the Galway gang can still whip up their fans into a frenzy with the greatest of ease and The Saw Doctors' recent gig in Wolverhampton was no exception.

The Docs led by Leo Moran and Davy Carton came on stage to a massive roar and they were joined by their newest recruit Lindsey Cleary.
The band opened with Only Good and from then on never let up for best part of two hours.
Davy Carton of The Saw Doctors
at Wulfrun Hall, Wolves
They took the enthusiastic fans through 25 years of rip roaring songs which have become so familiar to their followers, dragging them in with Tommy K complete with actions which moved neatly into Will It Ever Stop Raining which they gave more of a Ska twist underneath the wall of sound they were banging out.
Next up came Takin' The Train which without stopping to catch their breath morphed into To Win Just Once where Lindsey was given free rein and then the audience, which didn't take any prompting at all, took up the refrain
It was appropriate The Docs then got all nostalgic with The Music I Love with Davy reminiscing in song about past times.
There was a strange interlude then with Leo pulling out a Buddy Holly song Sometimes I Cry which I am not sure really works but it did give a chance for Anthony Thistlethwaite to show of his solo sax skills.
There was then an opportunity for drummer Ricky O'Neill, who has been with them just over a year, to come out of the shadows and sing alongside Davy for Mercy Gates and Only One Girl.
Davy then teamed up with Lindsey for a great version of Share The Darkness before going for the big build up with Green and Red of Mayo.
It was a chance to whip the crowd up to another level and bring in the big instrumental sound first letting Leo off the leash before the rest of the band got in on the act.
The crowd were still eager for more participation and Clare Island was the perfect opportunity with Leo holding the fans in the palm of his hand.
They pulled out their biggest hit of last year then and really went for it with Petula Clark's Downtown
and then to Galway and Mayo where Leo once again let rip taking the crowd to a really big finish.
Leo Moran, centre, at Wulfrun
I'll Be On My Way had Leo once again playing the crowd who loved every minute of it while Davy was laying down some serious notes on the guitar.
With the opening bars of one of their oldest hits I Useta Love Her the crowd went mental and boy did the band drag it out for the fans.
Without even stopping for breath they launched into Friday Town, Bless Me Father followed quickly by That's What She Said Last Night.
With the ritual of them leaving the stage and then being enticed back on by the screaming crowd they came out with a Padraig Stevens song Three Bags Full, swiftly followed by It Won't Be Tonight and the one that sent the crowd into a megafrenzy Joyce Country Ceili Band.
They couldn't of course leave without their unofficial signature tune N17 which came with a big finish but that paled in comparison with the Hay Wrap into which somehow they managed to incorporate Hawkwind's Silver Machine.
As every year The Docs left the crowd wanting more and it's become something of a Christmas ritual now with them playing Wolves and some even set the start of their festive season by the Galway Gang's arrival. Fair play to you lads.

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