Sunday, 1 September 2013


Ellie Lawson

Take Your Power

There is a voice rising out of the music scene and boy is it worth listening to. 

Ellie Lawson has a wonderful, rich sound to her voice and brings with it much that reminds of the incredibly evocative Tracy Chapman, every note she sings is luscious.
Ellie Lawson
Her new single Take Your Power showcases her warbling tones which carry the undulation of the rolling sea and to further the analogy you get the sense of underlying power which could be unleashed at any moment.
The south Londoner has an innocence to her voice while at the same time somehow carrying a wealth of emotion and insight to her singing, it also comes with a mixture of Sinead O'Connor and Cyndi Lauper but she has enough originality in her sound to stand out from the crowd.
Lawson has the feelgood factor in her singing and playing which makes you want to hear more and more, and it carries a range which allows her to be versatile and at the moment there are a few paths she could take but let's hope she walks down the folk road.
She is already working on her third album so if you get a chance, catch up with her Lost Songs and Philosophy tree albums.

4 Proches

I was sent a link by this band and have already fallen in love with them. 

4 Proches
The group's newly released video is just a delight to watch and their sound is simply mesmerising. The Proches are Beecher, Ezra, Liza and Asa and they are from Fredericksburg, Texas.
I loved the song choice and their rendition of it and anything which features the banjo is worth a listen.
The video is slick and professional and has that eerie The Others quality to it have watched it over and over.
As far as I can find out the eldest is 21 down to the youngest who is 10 yet they show a real maturity and the depth to the young lads' voices is incredible. I certainly want to see more of their singing and playing.

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